Temperature distribution

In this case, the autoclave is loaded with products. The aim is to read the temperatures in the chamber at different levels of the equipment. The sensors are distributed in such a way as to analyse the entire volume of the load processed. It is recommended to have at least 3 sensors per basket. This method is much more detailed than the previous one; it allows a complete analysis of process control (PID adjustment) and a check on compatibility between the product loading plan and equipment performance. Here, it will be possible to define the cold spot and the hot spot of the equipment for the packaging concerned.
NB: although this mapping produces interesting results, it is recommended to validate them on several packaging formats before they can be generally applied. In effect, the cold spot of the autoclave does not necessarily correspond to the position at which the product will reach its lowest F0 (sterilizing value) or pasteurization value! (see the notion of cold spot)