Deflection sensor holder = Universal mount

To fix all types of packaging for deformation measurement

Description of the deflection sensor holder

Completely modular, this support also called Universal Mount adapts to all packaging geometries without any mechanical stress and to all positions of the packaging deflection sensor . The measurements are precise and perfectly representative of reality (no thermal or mecanical disturbance). It is also very useful for measuring the temperature with a wired probe in a plastic packaging because it guarantees that the probe is kept at the cold point despite the softening of the material.

Features of the deflection sensor holder

Robust construction the Universal Mount is all stainless steel and easily removable.
3 versions to meet all your needs :
– Standard.
– Rotary sterilizer.
– Large format (e.g. pouch from 2 to 10 kg).
Respects the heating and cooling rates of the packaging, hence the excellent representativeness of the measurements.
No mechanical stress on the packaging. It can be fixed either by gluing with our special sterilization sealant, or by tightening with 2 adjustable claws

Specificities of the deflection sensor holder

Adapts to all packaging geometries.
Accepts temperature, deformation and agitation sensors.
Completely removable / modular.

Application for the Universal Mount

To accommodate packaging of all kinds and allow their instrumentation in pasteurization as in sterilization:
Rigid plastic : cup, pot, plate
multi-material foil : pouch, DoyPack®, Tetra Brick®.
Metal : rigid, semi-rigid, sealed or not.
Glass : verrine, jar

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