The treatment capacity
of your autoclaves

Speed up

Your product and process developments


On steam, compressed air water and electricity consumption


Your production thanks
to efficient sensors


Packaging distortion


Your autoclaves
and continuous sterilizers


Your staff
in “packaging/temperature” behaviour


The development
of your process

Axitherm, our expertise for your thermal process

Founded in 2002 by Alain Fournial, Axitherm is a company whose goal is to assist agri-food companies for optimal management of their pasteurized or sterilized production. To achieve this Axitherm offers high-performance equipment (probes, sensors or recorders for pressure, temperature and distortion) as well as field expertise. In addition, Axitherm can audit your production facility, analyze its operation and its limits and provide you with solutions for improvement. With Axitherm you can optimize your productivity and make energy savings on your sterilization and pasteurization processes. Axitherm also performs your thermal mapping or heat penetration studies . Axitherm’s goal: to help you to define the best thermal treatment in compliance with the applicable standards, which will guarantee the F0 (sterilizing value) or pasteurization value required, in line with the optimal cooking value of your products, all based on your existing equipment.