Packaging distortion is displayed live

Description of packaging distortion display:

The Autonomous Deformation Display informs you about the changes to be made in eliminating any packaging distortion. Thus, bulging, delamination, leakage or hollowing are mastered.
You can then optimise the geometric appearance or manage the reduction in thickness of plastic materials. This last point becomes particularly important with the new 100% recyclable plastics which are very fragile.

Measurement of Packaging Distortion:

The Autonomous Deformation Display hosts 1 Deformation probes packaging
2 Permanent displays :
– the instantaneous deformation value
– the trace of this value over the last 10 minutes
Colour screen : 2.8 inch / IP66 front panel
Autonomy of the power battery ≥ 8 hours

Specificities :

Case lightweight, robust and energy self-sufficient (Lithium battery)
Rechargeable battery on computer USB port or mains supply
Battery charge with led indicators
Dual display:
– instantaneous value + evolution curve
No data recording
Very easy to use
The “zero deformation” value is given for probe in mid-stroke (must be manually adjusted)
Accepted sensor: Deflection probe from AXITHERM

Applications of packaging distortion measurement:

This stand alone box allows the identification of packaging deformations. Many heat treatments can be survey like pasteurisation, sterilization or even static cooking oven (steam oven).
It measures the deformation in real time and facilitates the manual/semi-automatic control of the equipment.
It naturally finds its place in Quality and R&D departments.

Further information: